Tack-Two is committed to providing the upmost, professional quality of service in any industry!! For more than 15 years, Tack-Two has expanded from having One Division to now having Six divisions to our name. This diversified company now allows a “one stop shopping concept” to the client. Companies, or individuals, will no longer have to search and reference multiple companies, to cater to their needs.


1.  Management are not using valuable work time sourcing providers, trainers etc. 
2.  Administration gets one invoice from one company 
3.  Staff has the familiarity trust and respect of dealing with the same people and develop a positive and lasting relationship.

Whether its family, management or staff, Tack-Two remains loyal to the traditional values they established since inception. Due to our immaculate record of service, our friendly,“ easy to approach” staff and our compassionate and confidential manner: and a culture based on ensuring that respect and dignity are maintained for all clients and all staff at all times: is why our customers request our return time and time again. Our company’s extensive orientation program ensures that all staff is equipped with the necessary skills to perform their jobs effectively. Our carefully selected team remains Professional, Proud and compassionate while performing their duties and as always predetermined, competitive rates are delivered with no surprises.